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is situated in a high mountain glen between the twin peaks of Ben Kroost and Ben Doon. Sandwiched between the fabled bottomless Loch Kroost and the Kroostihari Desert, the Kroostweg is a fairly average street in a fairly average town in the middle of the Netherlands.


From the hustle and bustle of the harbour, supplier to the world of fresh water fish fingers and deep trawled crispy cod pieces, to the almost zen like tranquility of the Community Centre offering courses such as pole dancing for the young at heart, there is something for almost everyone in the community.

Apart from Country & Western singers. They are not welcome. The offence of C&W  (also known as Crying and Wailing)  is punishable by stoning-until-sore. You can recognise a country and western singer who has been to the Kroostweg by his/her/its half-stoned appearance.


Health Warning: As you navigate around this site please use your thumb to click (for right handed people) and your other thumb for left handed/ambithumbed folks.




Kroostweg Community Centre
- Anyone for Polish Dancing?


Kroostweg Harbour
(Before the tsunami)

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